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Call them Stuffed animal rides, Ponycycle, Ponyride, Ride on toy horses, Giddy up rides or Plush animal rides, you can own one of these cool rides today and  you will impress all your friends


With our Plush Animals Rentals, JRD rides will make your Party extra-special and memorable, as our rides will be the highlight of your party that your guests will talk about for a long time to come.


See how much fun others are having. Don’t wait, be one of them

At JRD RIDES, Providing innovative, affordable, safe and fun rides like no other is a goal of our company since inception.

JRD Rides offers different rides at malls and shopping centres, suitable for various age groups.

VR Technology is the latest worldwide cutting-edge phenomenon and we at JRD Rides are delivering this technology with our 9D VR Simulator. This State of the Art Motion Simulator is sure to be an experience that riders will always remember. With over 50 experiences, from Flight Programs, Exhilarating Amusement Park Rides, and Nature’s Most Dangerous Adventures, riders can experience this in VR Motion. Its attractive design is an eye-catcher, and its motion seats are suspended, making feet dangle to allow for a fully immersive experience.

Each movie or game can be enjoyed for $9.99.

Giant Motorized or mechanical stuffed animals: for adults who want to entertain children while shopping, JRD Rides will make the trip TO THE MALL worthwhile by allowing children (and adults) to ride giant motorized or mechanical stuffed ANIMALS around the mall, a very fun activity that is enjoyed by both the riders and spectators alike.

Riders can choose from a dozen or so different four-legged animals, rented at just $10 for 15 minutes or $15 for 30 minutes. All children younger than 4-years-old and/or under 37 inches tall have to ride with an adult (best excuse ever for adults to unabashedly jump aboard one of these bad boys). Riders cannot enter any stores, the food court or ride outside the mall, and all children need to be accompanied by an adult. The weight cannot exceed 300 pounds. Animals go at a pace somewhere in between a leisurely stroll and a power walk, depending on the amount of weight the animal is carrying. Among the animals are a Panda, an angry bird,.

Can you dare to be thrilled?
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